Kitchen Collective offers the following packages:

  • Package 1: monthly rate DKK 900 ex VAT – members pay for 10 hours in advance, meaning that the hourly rate will be DKK 90 ex VAT.
  • Package 2: monthly rate DKK 1,600 ex VAT – members pay for 20 hours in advance, meaning that the hourly rate will be DKK 80 ex VAT.


It is not possible to save hours for future months or be reimbursed for unused hours.


A package is like a subscription with a commitment period of at least 3 months.


You subscribe to a package on a monthly basis valid from the beginning of the month to the end.


At the beginning of each month the packages are invoiced, which releases the credit in the booking system. The system is only capable of managing credit for one month at a time. Meaning that for a specific month credit is only available by the first of that month. In the current month, kitchen hours can therefore be booked first with credits and afterwards with payment cards at the lower price offered in the package. If you wish to book in advance of the current month, it is only possible to book with payment cards, but still at the lower price. On the first of the month, bookings made in advance will be set off.



The 1st of October you are invoiced DKK 1600 ex VAT for a Package 2, which releases 20 hours of credit in the booking system to be used in the month of October. When you have finished the 20 hours of credit, you can buy more hours at the lower hourly rate offered in Package 2, i.e. DKK 80 ex VAT with a payment card. If you wish to book hours for the 8th of November to ensure the availability, you have to book and pay the hours with a payment card, still at the lower rate of DKK 80 ex VAT. The 1st of November, when the booking system resets and a new 20 hours credit will be available on your account, the system will repay you the money for the booking on the 8th of November and subtract it from your November credit instead, after which you can freely book and pay with the remaining credits.