Terms and Conditions


  • A Kitchen Collective membership allows access to use our kitchens.
  • Memberships take effect from the payment date and are valid for 1 year
  • A valid membership is required in order to use the kitchen and the booking system
  • Members additionally have to pay for the use of the kitchen. The rate is calculated on an hourly basis
  • The lease term is paid in advance by credit card at the booking system at www.kitchencollective.dk
  • Companies with an already established food concept cannot buy the startup package.
  • All members have the possibility to buy the development package and the production package. It is not possible to receive money back for hours not used.
  • Members are fully liable for any damages – including accidental damages – inflicted on building, kitchen, inventory or the surroundings.


Membership termination

  • After three months of membership, both parties can evaluate if the membership should continue
  • Memberships can, by both parties, be terminated with a one month notice
  • Memberships can be terminated immediately if the membership agreement or rules for use of kitchen are violated. See the guidelines for use of kitchen below
  • Kitchen Collective’s overall mission to be a place for culinary entrepreneurs, Kitchen Collective reserves the right to reject/terminate members, who have a production requirements of more than 120 hours per month, on a twelve months period



  • Bookings may be changed up until 48 hours before session start, hereafter the booking is binding
  • Bookings are made through Kitchen Collective’s homepage and are registered when visible in the booking system
  • If bookings are cancelled up to 48 hours before session start, the value can be transferred back into the booking system, in the form of credit. Kitchen Collective must be informed of this, as Kitchen Collective has to do the transfer manually.


Use of kitchen

  • Lend out of key cards or assisting entrance to the kitchen for non-members is forbidden at Kitchen Collective and violation will lead to immediate cancellation of membership and expulsion from the kitchen
  • It is not allowed to bring inventory from the kitchens to events outside of AAU in Sydhavnen
  • The area surrounding Kitchen Collective and the locales at AAU in general can upon agreement with Kitchen Collective be used for difference activities and events. Minimum two days before an event/activity, members need to give notice and obtain approval from Kitchen Collective
  • Members are responsible for bringing own check programmes for their own/company’s production due to the regulations by the Danish Food Administration
  • Cleaning has to follow Kitchen Collective guidelines
  • Kitchen Collective ensures a general cleaning of the kitchen on a daily basis or according to need. Kitchen Collective evaluates the necessity
  • Kitchen Collective often take stock of the inventory, and if inventory is missing, Kitchen Collective will contact the members, who have been using the kitchen in the given period
  • Memberships include limited storage assigned by Kitchen Collective
  • It is possible to buy fridge or freezer storage


Guidelines for use of kitchen and for cleaning

  • Members bring their own dry ingredients (incl. salt, sugar etc.)
  • Members bring their own kitchen towels, cloths, aprons etc.
  • Members bring their own aluminium, baking paper, etc.
  • After using the kitchen, fridges and freezers have to be emptied totally and wiped off
  • Food waste has to be removed and all garbage has to be brought to the outdoor garbage containers, including bottles, cans etc.
  • All tools and equipment have to be cleaned, including oven, mixer etc.
  • All washable surfaces have to be cleaned including tables, walls and floor, both in the kitchen and the scullery
  • The dish washer should be drained and cleaned
  • Tools and equipment in the kitchen belong to AAU and must not be removed from the kitchen



  • The Business Rent Act (erhvervslejeloven) is not applicable for the membership contract